Zurn Z806 6 Inch Wide By Item
Zurn Z806 Fiberglass Wide By Item
6" Wide Reveal Fiber Reinforced Polymer Trench Drain System with Steel Frame
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Product ID: ZZ806-DGC
Manufacturer: Zurn
Zurn Z806 6" Wide Trench Drain - Per Foot

Zurn Z806 6" Wide Trench Drain System

Standard Length: 10'

Standard Grate: DGC

Price: $110.00
Product ID: Z806-E1
Manufacturer: Zurn
Zurn Z806-E1 Closed End Cap

Zurn Closed End Cap 

Price: $24.00
Product ID: Z806-E4
Manufacturer: Zurn
Zurn Z806-E4 4" End Outlet

Zurn Z806 End Outlet

Price: $24.00
Product ID: ZZ806-Decorative
Manufacturer: Zurn
Z806-DGC w/Decorative Grates - Per Foot

Channel and Grate
Decorative Grate
Upgrade Options Available
Per Foot Pricing

Price: $110.00
Product ID: Z806-U3
Manufacturer: Zurn
Zurn Z806-U3 3' Bottom Outlet

Zurn Z806 Bottom Outlet

Price: $24.00
Product ID: Z806-U4
Manufacturer: Zurn
Zurn Z806-U4 4' Bottom Outlet

Zurn Z806 Bottom Outlet

Price: $24.00
Product ID: Z806-JC
Manufacturer: Zurn
Zurn Z806-JC Joint Connector

Z806 JC Joint Connector

Reg Price: $52.00
Price: $47.00
Product ID: Z806-HPD-SF
Manufacturer: Zurn
Price: $159.00
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